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Tom DeVore Exposes Potential Workers Compensation Fraud within Governor Pritzkers Office and Covered Up by Attorney General Kwame Raoul

Reference documents will be posted after the LIVE stream.   

While being investigated for fraud while working for the ISP Merit Board, on or about January 31, 2020, Jenny Thornley filed a workman compensation claim with the insurance company TriStar falsely alleging she was employed by the Governor’s Office and JB Pritzker was her direct supervisor.  After the independent internal investigation was completed, Thornley was terminated for cause for fraudulently turning in excess payroll hours among other things.  After her termination, unbeknownst to her employer, she began receiving workman compensation benefits wherein she had alleged to the work comp commission she had been employed by CMS.  CMS employee Kevin Richey, along with the Governor’s general counsel Ann Spillane, approved her work comp benefits notwithstanding Thornley never worked for CMS or the Governor as the documents suggested, as well as she had been found to have stolen from the taxpayers and had never been subjected to any sexual assault.  When CMS finally learned of the work comp claim and tried to intervene to defend against Thornley’s claim, they were blocked by CMS and the Governor’s Office.  It was not until Thornley was indicted a year later did her work comp benefits cease.  Why was the Governor listed as the employer initially?  Why was CMS then listed as the employer?  Why was CMS and the Governor’s Office involved in this work comp claim at all?  Why were benefits approved by Richey and Spillane for an application for benefits which on its face fraudulently listed the wrong employer twice, and further based on allegations of assault which have been disproven after a $500K independent investigation?  Why isn’t the Attorney General investigating this fraud by Thornley along with the apparent conspiracy to commit fraud engaged in by CMS employee Richey and several employees within the Governor’s Office? 

Emily Fox – Employee of State Police Merit Board

Jenny Thornley –  Former Employee of State Police Merit Board

Jack Garcia – Former Director of State Police Merit Board

JB Pritzker – Governor of Illinois

James Wolfe – Friend of Garcia that Jenny Thornley called

Ann Spillane – Chief General Counsel to Pritzker

Daniel Dykstra – Counsel for State Police Merit Board

Christina Egan McGuire Woods – did investigation of Thornley/Garcia matter at request of Governor’s Office.

Micah Costello – Tristar (workman’s compensation company) adjuster

Scott Lerner – Deputy Legal Counsel for Governor

Kevin Richey – CMS employee

Brad Lucchini – Dept. of Insurance Work Comp Fraud Unit

Referenced Documents