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States Attorney Joshua Morrison Pushed AG Raoul for Written Opinion on Mandates

Remember when Governor Pritzker kept issuing all those executive orders during COVID?

State’s Attorney Joshua Morrison pushed back, working with law enforcement to follow the law and ensure that Fayette County residents were able to go to work and to the store without fear that they would be thrown in jail.

He also pushed back on Attorney General Raoul, sending a letter asking if his executive order was even enforceable and how repeatedly issuing orders past the 30 day period was NOT official misconduct by the Governor. Morrison also wanted to know if officials trying to enforce it were committing misconduct because the Executive Orders did not agree with the Public Health statutes.

Apparently, Senate President Don Harmon was asking some of the same questions.

Instead of answering Morrison, Raoul waited until the Executive Order expired, saying the order “no longer provides a basis for enforcement,” and Pritzker stopped ordering citizens to stay at home.

Raoul’s office also sent the opinion that he sent Harmon, which basically said that if the legislators wanted to put a limit on the time from for executive orders, they would have put it in the law. He never did answer the question if a Public Health official or law enforcement would have been subject to misconduct charges had they enforced the law.

Is that how Attorney General Raul runs his office – he waits for problems to go away?

SA Joshua Morrison's Letter to AG Raoul

AG Raoul's Response Letter