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Joe Biden’s Unconstitutional Act; and Raoul’s Failure to Act

Constitutionality doesn’t appear to be something Joe Biden or Kwame Raoul care about. The fact is, however, Joe Biden doesn’t have the authority to do this.

August 25, 2022 – Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul has issued a statement in full support of President Biden’s plans to wipe out debt for federal loan borrowers.

Tom Devore, the Republican nominee for Attorney General, released the following statement in response: 

“This plan is outrageous on a number of levels. Most importantly, it’s unconstitutional. But, constitutionality doesn’t appear to be something Joe Biden or Kwame Raoul care about. The fact is, however, Joe Biden doesn’t have the authority to do this. His administration is attempting to use Title 42, which was put in place after 9-11 to alleviate debt in the case of a national emergency. The use of Title 42 to justify wiping out student loans represents significantly flawed legal reasoning in and of itself. Additionally, the administration lifted Title 42 months ago to allow illegal immigrants to come into the country without being tested for COVID at the Southern border. The order raises a lot of legitimate legal questions. 

“But Kwame Raoul isn’t asking those questions. Once again, Raoul is covering for his party leaders, when he should be challenging them to ensure that the people of Illinois aren’t subject to more unfair proclamations. 

“As Attorney General I would ask those questions. Presidents and governors are not kings. They are executive officers, and they work for us. We need someone in state government who’ll remind our Executive branch that the Constitution was designed to PREVENT another King George III, not create one.

“Constitutional issues aside, the bill is grossly unfair. Why should someone who couldn’t afford to go to college pay off the debt of someone else who did go? Why should someone who works their way through school or has paid off their own student loans foot the bill for people who haven’t? 


“My parents had nothing. I had to work my way through college and law school, and took out loans. I know the value of my education because my own hard work paid for every penny of it – plus interest. 


“Then there is the cost of this policy. We have out-of-control inflation and the President is going to plow this into place against the will of the people – probably by expanding the Department of Education. It will only exacerbate the inflation problems we are seeing right now. And it isn’t just me saying that. Jason Furman, the former chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, has warned that this will fuel more inflation.


“Student loan bailouts are unconstitutional, unfair and unhelpful in this economy. I am running for office to give the people of Illinois a check on power-drunk executive officers and ensure that the orders they issue fall within the bounds of the Constitution.”