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IL FOP Press Release on Thornley

A message from the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police on the Thorley Matter

IL FOP Press Release:  We support law and order and holding lawbreakers accountable for their actions. We back those who have those same priorities and oppose those who don’t.

A recent investigation by The Center Square shows another reason why we do not back Gov. J.B. Pritzker or Attorney General Kwame Raoul for re-election.

The Center Square reported that Jenny Thornley, a former state employee and Pritzker campaign worker, was awarded a workers’ compensation claim based on harm suffered in an alleged sexual harassment. That claim was allegedly awarded after Gov. Pritzker’s staff intervened on her behalf. An independent investigation that cost Illinois taxpayers $550,000 concluded the harassment never occurred and that the worker’s comp benefits should not be awarded. An Illinois State Police investigation also concluded that the claim was fraudulent.

Gov. Pritzker claims he doesn’t know anything about his staff intervening in the fraudulent workers’ compensation case despite evidence The Center Square found to the contrary.

Recently, when confronted about the issue, Attorney General Kwame Raoul had to make excuses why he hadn’t looked into this expensive fraud case and any potential involvement in it by the Governor’s staff.

This seems to be part of a pattern for Pritzker and Raoul. Both supported the UN-SAFE-T Act that is making our communities less and less safe. That new law, passed in the middle of the night, doesn’t hold lawbreakers accountable for their actions either.

That’s why we endorse Darren Bailey for Governor and Tom DeVore for Attorney General. Both have a proven track record of sticking up for law enforcement rather than sticking it to the taxpayers with dangerous laws and fraud. They back you, so please back them on November 8.