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ICYMI: DeVore vs. Speaker Welch over SAFE-T ACT

GOP Attorney General nominee goes head-to-head with Democratic House Speaker over controversial legislation

Republican nominee for Attorney General Tom DeVore is making his rounds in the media in a high profile disagreement with IL Democratic House Speaker Chris Welch over the controversial criminal justice reform legislation known as the SAFE-T ACT. 


On September 28th, Speaker Welch was the keynote at the monthly City Club of Chicago luncheon where he defended the SAFE-T ACT and accused Republicans like DeVore of “fear-mongering.”

DeVore on NBC 5 with political reporter Mary Ann Ahern

"You have the legislature - the leaders of the legislature working in the background with all of this ever increasing number of state's attorneys who are suing them, trying to come up with a patchwork solution to try to 'fix' some of these things."

DeVore on ABC 7 with political reporter Craig Wall

What the Speaker was doing with all due respect to him, is he was using 'fear mongering' even though he said we shouldn't use it."

Within three days it's passed by both houses, I think it's impossible for the 750 page bill that they pushed through that fast, I don't think you can accomplish what the speaker was talking about

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Media Contact: Mark Vargas