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ICYMI: DeVore to Voters:

Have confidence that we can solve these problems… I will demand government do its job for you.

August 22, 2022- Attorney General Candidate Tom DeVore rounded out his trip to the State Fair in Springfield with a speech at the ILGOP Unity Event, where DeVore delivered a powerful message to the voters of the state. 


He encouraged voters to be confident in their ability to change the direction of the state of Illinois. He also chastised the Republican establishment for not doing enough to be a voice of opposition in the face of Governor Pritzkers’ heavy-handed, one-man rule. 


Devore demanded the Republican party stop being concerned about what their political opponents might say about them and start standing up for what they know is right. Devore made the point that when politicians become more focused on protecting power than serving the public – regardless of party – people get hurt. As Attorney General, he vowed to protect Illinoisans from criminals on the street and in Springfield. 

Watch the full video of Tom Devore’s speech at the ILGOP Unity Breakfast here

Key Messages: 


Our governor, for all but a couple months since he’s been in office, has been ruling with executive power. 


Democrat or Republican… that abuse of power will destroy this nation if we don’t stop it. 


When you are okay with executive power being abused as long as it satisfies the ends you want, you have participated in causing the erosion of our great nation. An abuse of power is an abuse of power. You cannot say, “Well, I am okay with that if the ends being achieved are something that I agree with.” 


We are self-governed by the people, and if something needs to be done to address a crisis or an issue, we solve it as a people. We don’t ask a governor to solve all our problems. 


Do we not have enough confidence in ourselves to solve these problems? We better. If we don’t we might get rid of a Governor Pritzker and replace him with a Governor Bailey. Now, would you be okay with Governor Bailey issuing excessive executive orders?  I hope not… 

There was an opportunity for Republicans over the last two years… I don’t know how good a job we did. The opportunity was to stand up for people. Didn’t matter if you won or lost. You should stand up for them. Did we do it? No. 


You know what people want? They want hope. They want to live a life that’s successful. They want their kids to be safe. They want their kids to have opportunities. 


As the Attorney General, I will make sure that our government works the way it should, that the legislature does its job. And that we just do right by the people. The governor needs to stay in his lane. As your Attorney General, I will keep him in his lane




On Crime: 


If Kim Foxx doesn’t start prosecuting criminals in Cook County, as Attorney General, I have the ability to go in and start prosecuting people who break the law. Remember I told you people want hope? You can’t have hope if you’re scared to walk down the street. How do you have hope? How do you look for opportunity in life if you’re scared? 


On Public Corruption:


We have right now a documented case of public corruption that goes to the highest level: The Governor’s Office. Do you see Kwame Raoul doing anything about it? Of course he won’t do anything about it. He won’t do anything about it because he needs the Governor and the Democrat Machine to get re-elected. The Governor’s name is on the documents. He is implicated directly and nothing happens. Kwame Raoul won’t do it. You make me Attorney General, I don’t care if it’s a Republican or Democrat, if an elected official engages in corrupt activity and harms the people of this state, we won’t be looking to the federal government. The people of the state of Illinois – through your Attorney General – will prosecute them.