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Friends & Family Letter
Friends and Family Letter

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Here is my promise: As Illinois Attorney General, I will restore, defend, and preserve the God-given rights and liberties of every man, woman, and child in Illinois, starting on day one and hopefully lasting for generations to come. That said, my campaign will not be successful without substantial support from everyday Illinoisans such as yourself.

Today, I ask for you to share my message with your friends and family by sharing my friends and family letter.

The PEOPLE will take back this great state!

How to Share

Friends and Family Letter

How do I share my support for Tom DeVore?

  1. Download my Friends & Family Letter.
  2. Mail or E-Mail it to your friends, family, and neighbors!
  3. Consider donating to OUR campaign to FIGHT against Government Overreach!

English, Polish, and Spanish versions are in the download.