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Emerson College Poll Has Attorney General Race Closer than Governor’s

Tom DeVore closing in on Kwame Raoul during final stretch of the campaign

Chicago, IL – Republican nominee for Attorney General Tom DeVore is gaining momentum during the final stretch of the campaign where a recent Emerson College Poll has him trailing incumbent Kwame Raoul by just 6 points with 10% undecided. The polling has Republican Darren Bailey trailing Gov. Pritzker by 10 points and 4% undecided.

“This is consistent from the internal polling that we’ve been seeing. There’s no more important race than the Attorney General’s – too much is at stake and crime remains the top issue with voters,” said Republican Attorney General nominee Tom DeVore. “And while over $50 million was directed towards the Republican governors race, we’ve been running on less than $300,000. DeVore concluded, “our race has proven that taking real action to stand up for people is more effective than just spending money on advertising.  Just imagine if our campaign had a small portion of those funds to spread our message.”

DeVore pointed out why his campaign is gaining so much traction at such a critical time in the race. “Kwame Raoul’s support of Kim Foxx’s higher crime agenda, the SAFE-T ACT and his failure to represent the people of Illinois and protect them from abuses of executive power during the pandemic make Mr. Raoul unqualified for a second term.”


DeVore also made note that Kwame Raoul has a conflict of interest. “When your top campaign donors are Gov. Pritzker and Friends of Michael J Madigan, it becomes impossible to establish any independence,” said DeVore. “We need an Attorney General who will represent every Illinoisan and not just the people who fund their campaigns.” He concluded, “our message of being tough on crime and our opposition to the SAFE-T ACT is resonating with Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike.”

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