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Dobbs ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court which overturned Roe v. Wade

Press Release

The recent Dobbs ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court which overturned Roe v. Wade has many people hyper focused on the issue of abortion.  As such, people are finding it necessary to inquire into my personal beliefs on the topic.  As your next Attorney General, my personal opinions on this, or any topic for that matter, will have no bearing on my role as the chief legal officer of the people.  Actually, it is highly inappropriate for your Attorney General to allow his or her personal views to influence their representation of the people which sadly has occurred under Attorney General Kwame Raoul.  He chose allegiance to the Governor over the people.  I will never do that, and I don’t care which political party holds the Office of Governor. 

Having said that, far too many people misunderstand the legal implication of the Dobbs decision.  Those who are pro-life instinctively approve and those who are pro-choice instinctively disapprove.  Simply speaking the ruling takes no position on the appropriateness of abortion but merely holds there is no implicit fundamental right to an abortion under the U.S. Constitution meaning the individual states must address it through their legislative process.  Whether we agree or not, those of us who have studied the law understand the reasoning behind the jurisdictional decision of the Supreme Court irrespective of our personal beliefs about abortion. 

I will say my position has continually been, on all issues, the executives and the courts are not best suited to address important matters of the people as the legislative process is the proper forum.  The power is, and should always be, with the people.  As for abortion in Illinois, we have the Reproductive Health Act which can be found at 77 ILCS 55 et seq.   It passed both chambers of the legislature on May 31, 2019 and Governor Pritzker signed it into law on June 12, 2019. 

The law creates a fundamental right for a woman to choose to have an abortion, unless the child has been determined to be viable, and the life or health of the mother is not at risk.  (See 77 ILCS 55/1-25)  The law further states a fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus, at least up until viability, has no independent rights under the laws of our state.  (See 77 ILCS 55/1-15).  This is the law the Office of Attorney General must defend and the one that I will defend as your next Attorney General until such time as the people through their legislature instruct me to act otherwise. 

The political class wants to keep the people divided on topics such as abortion as a distraction so they can continue to jockey for power.  Between now and November, I would respectfully ask we focus on ridding ourselves of elected officials such as Pritzker and Raoul who for the last two years have disregarded the rule of law and abused their offices to further their own political agenda, all at the great expense of our people.  We need to take back control of our government from the political class of both parties, and once that is accomplished, I will impartially support and defend all our people, as well as the laws which all citizens have deemed proper in the people’s house.  With all due respect, it’s far past time our people quit complaining and get to work self-governing, as the political class has eroded the great pillars of our institutions to the breaking point.  There are no political heroes as there has been, and will only ever be, the people.   

Thomas DeVore

Candidate for Attorney General