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Devore Responds to the Parade of Resignations in Kim Foxx’s Office

The next person who should resign from Kim Foxx’s office is Kim Foxx.

August 3, 2022 –  NBC-5 has reported that 5 people have now resigned from Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx’s office in recent days. The Chicago Tribune has reported that more than 235 have resigned from Foxx’s office in the past year. That nearly doubled the number of resignations in the previous year. 


The most high-profile resignation was that of 25-year veteran assistant states attorney James Murphy, who left saying  “I can no longer work for this Administration. I have zero confidence in their leadership…. I began to realize that the Administration’s ‘Mission Vision and Values’ was just a PR stunt, just words on a page. Fairness. Accountability. Integrity. Respect. Collaboration. Those words should mean something. … Yet time after time after time, this Administration has shown that they don’t live the meaning of those words. Or they don’t care.”   


Another was Ted Lagerwald, a 24-year veteran assistant states attorney, who resigned saying, The citizens of Cook County rely on us to punish and lock up those who are intent on killing, raping, and robbing our citizenry. We owe that to her and the sea of unseen others… . Our victims and their families desperately need us to have the same courage to stand up and fight for them in the courtroom. They are the seen results of crime.


“We cannot lose sight of our core mission and the evil that we often face… We truly are the last line of defense against a wave of violent criminals who are intent on killing, raping, and robbing. Without us and the work we do, our free society fails. This can never be ignored.”


Tom Devore, the Republican nominee for Illinois Attorney General, issued the following statement in response to the on-going resignations: Murphy and Lagerwald are people who wanted to protect victims and ensure justice was being served. These are people we need in the S.A.’s office. But Kim Foxx tied their hands.  


“Unfortunately, Foxx – like my opponent Kwame Raoul – considers herself a  “progressive” prosecutor. Progress to me implies that things improve, but the opposite has happened on their watch. Neither Ms. Fox nor Mr. Raoul are concerned with the rising number of victims in Chicago or Illinois. They have supported outrageous bills like the Safe-T Act, helping the state’s political class destroy our cities by letting criminals go free, ignoring victims of crime, and continually putting a political agenda above actual justice. 


“Until something changes, there will be more resignations and more victims unserved. The next person who should resign from Kim Foxx’s office is Kim Foxx.”