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Attorney General Candidate Tom DeVore Joins Hundreds of Families During Press Conference to Oppose the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Children

Chicago, IL – Republican nominee for Attorney General Tom DeVore held a press conference standing alongside over 200 suburban families to discuss the Pritzker Administration’s decision behind-the-scenes to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for school-aged children, despite recent remarks by Gov. JB Pritzker indicating that the decision will be made by the legislature. Republican nominee for Governor Darren Bailey joined DeVore.


Just recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) recommended the COVID-19 vaccine be included on the list of required immunizations for school-aged children in the United States. Last Thursday, Gov. Pritzker was asked during a press conference if he was considering adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the required immunization list for Illinois children.


“We’re not currently requiring that [COVID-19 vaccine], that’s something that goes through the General Assembly – all of the vaccination requirements are heard by the General Assembly; decided upon by the General Assembly,” said Gov. Pritzker. “It’s obviously something we’re listening to doctors about and making sure we’re making the right decisions.”


But during a press conference held at the Drake Hotel in Oak Brook surrounded by hundreds of local families, DeVore pointed out the obvious. 


“Gov. Pritzker is either ignorant, or he is outright lying. The General Assembly does not have the authority to implement the COVID-19 vaccine mandate – that decision is up to the Illinois Department of Public Health,” said DeVore surrounded by families with young children. “As a recently discovered email proves, IDPH – at the direction of Gov. Pritzker has already set in motion the process to implement the vaccine mandate for children despite his public comments saying otherwise.” 


The impressive showing of mothers and fathers during the press conference demonstrates just how sensitive this issue has become. The energy and passion exhibited by those in attendance sends a clear message to Gov. Pritzker and Attorney General Kwame Raoul that mandating the COVID-19 vaccine is a mistake and they will make their voices heard in the ballot box on Tuesday.