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DeVore Challenges Pritzker’s Latest Mask Recommendation: “ We Already Won”

The latest recommendation contradicts President Biden recently declaring that the “pandemic is over”

On Friday, IL Gov. JB Pritzker issued an Executive Order recommending all Illinoisans to wear face coverings consistent with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance. In September, Pritzker extended his emergency powers by signing his 34th emergency order since the start of the pandemic. 

"Gov. Pritzker should listen to his best friend Joe Biden, who declared during an interview on 60 Minutes back in September that ‘the pandemic is over,’ said attorney general nominee Tom Devore. “The people of Illinois have spoken, and now the courts agree with us - your reign and abuse of power has come to an end"

In February, DeVore represented hundreds of parents and teachers from across the state challenging Pritzker’s mask mandate in schools. A Sangamon County Judge ruled the governor exceeded his authority and the Appellate Court upheld that ruling. And as a result, hundreds of schools went mask optional. It was Pritzker’s first major defeat since the start of the pandemic. 


During a virtual debate last week with Attorney General Kwame Raoul, DeVore challenged Raoul for allowing Pritzker’s powers to go unchallenged during the pandemic.




"If our Attorney General would have stood up and said that this is an excessive use, like Judge Grischow did, calling it the evil that the law was intended to protect the people against, we wouldn't have had to go down this path."

"You don't just arbitrarily sit back and say, 'well the legislature passed it, the governor signed it and I have a duty to defend it' - that's what Attorney General's do who's top two contributors to their campaigns are in fact the executive and the legislature. If you're representing everybody equally, you have a duty to the people to raise these issues."